Friday, June 25, 2010

A Tiresome Type of Day

I want to write. I want to share. I want to blog.

I want tell you about something fun or profound or interesting that happened to me today. But alas, I sit here, munching on my Yoplait Light and gluten-free cookie thinking back on my day. Looking for something profound, fun or even interesting to share and finding nothing note worthy. Which I'm OK with.

You see, I spent much of the morning and early afternoon tired and the rest of the day unmotivated. I got the kitchen clean just in time to unpack the last kitchen/dining room box and mess it up again. We've moved into a smaller kitchen so I find myself offloading all non-essential cookware; Christmas dishes, I'm sorry but I really can live without you. I no longer feel obligated to keep the coffee cups, I've never used, simply because they accompanied my dishes.

What I find truly entertaining about my kitchen right now is that half of it is spotless and tidy. Everything on this side of the kitchen is put away, organized, a staunch difference to it's neighboring counter. The bar stands between the kitchen and the dining room and currently is home to my "I have no idea what to do with you" pile. The dining room table is littered with Tupperware and large crystal platters waiting for a home; dinner was yet again eaten on TV trays (the little ones sure don't mind this).

I didn't load my dishwasher tonight, a routine I quite enjoy, instead deciding to wait until morning. Yet when I walked past my mess I was somewhat delighted because I knew, I had no more boxes to unpack in this room!

And Mom, if you're reading this, I love the gluten-free cookies!

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  1. Ahh, but there it is -- your profound in the ordinary. Your half tidy kitchen -- so true for life in general. When we unpack things get messy. Because life is messy. Right?
    I could hear you talking as I read this. I love that.


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