Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clutter Not Clearly Defined

My house is a junk drawer!

Everyone has a dirty little secret. Whether it be a drawer in the kitchen or a shelf in the garage. Everyone has that hiding place to put things that have no other clearly defined home.

That is currently my home! Clutter not clearly defined.

My only exception is the kitchen/dining room, but we'll have to get back to that.

I received an email from a friend of mine who moved shortly after we did. She was so excited that she was all moved in, had already had house guests and had been out doing things and making friends.

This was a bit on an eye opener. Quite honestly the kick in the pants I needed. Not that its a competition and I can guarantee she was not trying to boast. But to know someone else has done it quicker while facing many of the same obstacles (two young kids can really make things a bit more difficult). She survived and is thriving, so can I!

So I have officially made myself some goals. I am listing them here in effort to hold myself accountable.

Day 1 (Thursday, July 29)- Unpack Sun room. The sun room is currently (and will remain) our family room. Mine and Josh's computers are out here, the kids have their toys out here and it's also the home of my crafting stuff. The crafting stuff holds the biggest burden, but I will get it sorted and, if needs be, thrown out.

Day 2 - The Girl's room. Their room doesn't really need much. A couple boxes need to be unpacked and I want to hang their curtains, granted, this means I have to locate the hardware for the curtain rod because the movers didn't bundle them together. Wall hangings wont be completed until I get a chance to buy some shelves.

Day 3 - Our room. Two boxes remain and I have to figure out where I want a couple pieces of furniture located.

That puts me into next week as I am not scheduling unpacking for Sunday although I probably will get some done.

Next week I'll be able to focus on the spare room which holds boxes from the kids playroom and our storage room from the last house. Most of the contents from those boxes actually needs to be sorted and trashed!

My true goal to getting all of this done is to be able to invite someone over for a play date. I've met some other moms, exchanged phone numbers but no play dates have been made. When my house is clean enough for quests I wont hesitate to invite other's over.

But not just yet, not until the junk drawer is back in it's little basket at the top of the pantry.


  1. Good luck Rose!! I think the hardest part of moving is when you get to that "functional" part and the boxes just seem to make themselves at home!!
    I hope you get your clutter cleared out soon!!

  2. Wishing you unpacking and decluttering bliss, my friend.
    I bet you will feel so much better once it's done.


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