Friday, July 9, 2010

The Sunday Creative: Denim

As I loved Creative Bootcamp, I am thrilled to share with your more genius from our Coach, Maegan. She is helping us to continue nurturing our artistic spirit by providing word prompts each weak and giving us a place to link them up and share. This is The Sunday Creative.

The Sunday Creative


The worse pants I could imagine.

Why would people buy clothes already ripped and torn?

Brand new they already looked trashed.

But he likes them.

They do look good on him.

Can I tolerate them?

Not be embarrassed to be seen with them in public?

He does look good in them.

He seems to really like them.

"Buttons and birds" He tells me.

I look, none of the buttons match.

How interesting.

Near the pocket, an amazing embroidered bird.

A representation of Isaiah 40:31 maybe?

Buttons and birds...

He found something about these hideous jeans I would love.

Buttons and birds...

Years later when I'm having a hard time seeing the good he reminds me,

"Buttons and Birds, Babe!"


  1. This was so beautiful :) A tiny gift in a ratty pair of new jeans. Love it!

  2. I second Corinne! I love it!

  3. Birds and buttons. {Deep exhale} I love that. And I love knowing this about you and J. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. There is an award waiting for you on my blog. :)

  5. What a sweet peek into your history! I love that you two have code words for looking closer :)


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