Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Sunday Creative: Connect

The Sunday Creative


We connected right from the start!

A strong friendship lasting not only time but miles. We were friends before internet and email. When phone calls and written letters had to suffice. When news wasn't usually delivered quickly.

After I moved away we didn't talk often (calls from overseas can get expensive), but when we did it took but a moment for us to catch up and fall into light-hearted, easy conversation.

She scrapbooks, and makes amazing pages! She's creative and modest! She's made art for my walls, baby books for both of my girls.

It has been too many years since we've seen each other. We've never met each other's children, yet I feel as if I know them, they are a part of my family. We've had to watch each other from the sidelines but we've grow together through pictures.

We've been through separate spiritual journeys but knowing that we'll get to spend eternity together warms my heart.

She is my sister in Christ, the family I've chosen.

She's my Diana!

With whom I will always be able to connect!

(Diana, I love your work and am honored you add me and think of me. I love you, I miss you!)

Check out Diana's work for yourself.


  1. Oh Rose - I have no words. I'm sitting here crying. You are such a sweet and dear friend. Thank you. I'm so honored to be a topic of one of your wonderful posts. I love and miss you too - very much!!

  2. Thank you for providing the art work!

  3. This is so heartwarming! Thank you for sharing this friendship with us.
    {I feel the same way about you when talking about connecting.} :)


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