Saturday, July 17, 2010

Military Moment: Separation

My friend is missing her husband and my heart is breaking for her. They're not a military family, not accustomed to regular absences. Even a short trip is a big deal.

She got me thinking...

As a military family, separation is a way of life (that and constantly moving), not something you like but a necessary evil you accept. You have to learn to adapt to life as a single parent, kissing all the boo boo's, quelling all their fears, all the while trying to quell your own. Keeping a strong facade, constantly checking email and fearing any missed call.

Non-military families ask how you do it, you lie and say it gets easier with time.

Yes, I said "lie."

Truth be told it never gets easier! You just tell others that, tell yourself, hoping to one day believe it.

But you never miss him less, eight days or eight months, it still sucks.

I suppose you kinda get used to it after a while. You find a routine, find ways to make the time go by faster.

And there is one really great upside. The first kiss, all of them. Whether standing on a pier or in the terminal of an airport, there is nothing like Homecoming.

Butterflies in the pit of your stomach, you strain to find him among the crowd. Your heart beating faster as you catch a glimpse, when his eyes meet yours, your heart stops. By the time he reaches you, your eyes are filled with tears, your heart if filled with joy and the world stands still while you're locked in his embrace.


  1. Oh, you know how to speak to a fellow romantic heart, loving heart. I thought of you as I wrote my post last night.
    It's not easy.
    And I sure do appreciate the sacrifice made by our military families, yours included.
    Love you!

  2. that is a beautiful post. i cannot even imagine how hard the separation is for you.


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