Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Momma Moment: Speaking In Hushed Tones

One day while attempting to nurse my Bear down for her nap, B walked in and in a very failed attempt at a whisper asked what I was doing. You see, she did, in fact, change the tone of her voice sounding like she was whispering but her volume remained unchanged resulting in loud, raspy sound.

I was so pleased she recognized the need for a lowered voice.

And in that moment I began to think of all the other wonderful times in my life that where spoken in hushed tones.

Whispering sweet nothings, plans for a quick rendezvous.

Disagreeing under our breath.

Quietly scolding while in public.

Simply conversing while trying not to wake a sleeping babe.

I often try to keep the peace in my house by simply keeping my volume low. A trick my mother taught me which works on most adults: As they raise their voice, you lower yours so they have to be quiet to hear you.

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